Manual Pakistan at the Crossroads: Domestic Dynamics and External Pressures

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When the Soviet army invaded Afghanistan in , Pakistan jumped into the conflict to realise the US's objectives. Consequently, it became a victim of Kalashnikov, drug and jihadi cultures, besides having to bear the burden of millions of Afghan refugees.

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In this collection of essays, Christophe Jaffrelot assembles an excellent group of authors to examine Pakistan's engagement with the world. Instead of calling Pakistan an "ideological state" like Israel or a "garrison state", he calls it a "client state" and a "pivotal" state.

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Pakistan has been more dependent on external support and more porous to outside influences than other states of similar geographic size, population and economic development. Jaffrelot quotes a note by Pakistan's founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah stating that the Congress party had accepted Partition "with mental reservations", that they were keen to "restore the unity of India as soon as possible", and hence, the Indian leadership "will naturally be regarded as avowed enemies of the Pakistan State working for its overthrow.

In exchange for military and economic aid from the US, Pakistan has performed the role of a frontline, "pivotal" state in the Cold War and the war on terror. But Pakistan has time and again seen that this support is both fickle and politically expensive, especially in terms of sovereignty.

As the current American military focus on Afghanistan diminishes, and Pakistan's commitment towards its stability is increasingly brought under scrutiny by the US Congress, the nature of dependency may also change. Jaffrelot notes that "equating civilians with democrats is highly questionable in Pakistan".

A "feudal" culture tinctures urban businesses as much as the rural grandees and the political leaders who hail from both backgrounds. The book also deals with Pakistan's relationship with China, Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as its long-running antagonism with India and Afghanistan.

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The following ISBNs are associated with this title:. ISBN - The Military and Democracy, by Aqil Shah2.

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Changing dynamics of strategic coercion in Pakistan.

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