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The latest coins from the United States Mint — Lincoln cents, Jefferson nickels, Roosevelt dimes, America the Beautiful quarters, Kennedy half dollars, Native American dollars, commemorative coins, and government-packaged coin sets — are kept up to date.

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The 72nd edition covers 71 additional new issues compared to the 71st edition, and 15 new coin sets. Mintages have been updated across the board using the latest numismatic research and government data.


The 72nd edition continues a section that debuted with the 70th, covering foreign coins that circulated as legal tender in the British American colonies and early United States. This section includes photographs, history, and pricing for collectible Spanish-American, Dutch, French, and English coins dating from the s to the s. Expansions and updates are also seen in the appendices.

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The appendix on modern U. Mint medals covers more than 40 medals and sets, now including the American Revolution Bicentennial medals, National Wildlife Refuge System centennial medals, silver Presidential medals, and others. Listed throughout the charts are nearly notable auction results.

Combined with the listed retail prices, the auction data help advanced collectors understand the modern market for high-priced rarities. Here is what different groups of stakeholders may expect to find in the Red Book. In addition to the Executive Summary which provides a high-level overview of its contents, the Red Book also contains a separate chapter dedicated to the Grand Challenge Research Problems in the area of Systems Security. These problems call for the collaboration of several Research Organizations and the support of leading funding Agencies.

We believe that the book will be useful to young and experienced researchers alike. Young researchers may find interesting topics to be solved within the context of a Ph. Experienced researchers will find an in-depth coverage of the various research problems in the area.

The Red Book includes average and worst case scenarios for all the emerging threats it covers.

This can help journalists raising the public awareness for these threats without underestimating or overplaying their impact. Click on the cover image to download the Red Book in pdf format. The Red Book will also be printed in hard copies. Specifically, it addresses the main refinements made in consequence of the responses received to the public consultation. It has been produced purely to assist the reader and does not form part of the standards.


Red Book , Global Edition 4. Red Book A summary of key changes 0.

The Red Book by C.G. Jung – Part 1 - “The Way of What Is to Come”

This jurisdiction guide examines each factor in its local context and highlights those that are likely to have a significant impact on the valuation of a property located in the country concerned. Red Book , Portuguese translation 2.

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Valuation Global Standards Jurisdiction guide: Brazil 0. Red Book , Simplified Chinese translation 2. Valuation Global Standards Jurisdiction guide: China 0. Valuation Global Standards Jurisdiction guide: Dubai 0. The Red Book recognises that local statute, or regulation, may have specific requirements that expand the global standards.

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Red Book , French translation 2. Valuation Global Standards Jurisdiction guide: France 0. Red Book , German translation 1. Valuation Global Standards Jurisdiction guide: Germany 0.

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This guidance note is intended to respond to the regulatory regime introduced by the government in , with the aim of clarifying potential 'grey areas' between the RICS Valuation — Professional Standards January the Red Book and Greek law. Valuation Global Standards Jurisdiction guide: Indonesia 0. Red Book , Italian translation 1.

Valuation Global Standards Jurisdiction guide: Japan 0.